Beautiful AND sustainable lighting? That’s what we call a win-win! And Varaluz must think so too, because their gorgeous assortment of lighting is all handcrafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled steel and bottles. This is upcycling at its finest!

Besides just being eco-friendly, Varaluz is a firm believer in handcrafting all their pieces. Their artistic team is based in the Philippines, and spends hours adding mosaics, paints, fibers, and more to each unique article of lighting. Every piece is one of a kind!

It isn’t just hand crafted, it’s beautiful and functional as well. Varaluz has almost 800 pieces in the Kay Lighting collection, including pillows, wine racks, end tables, and more! We love the unique sense of style that goes into every Varaluz piece, and think you will too. Check out some of our favorite items from our Varaluz assortment below!


Varaluz Bermuda



Varaluz Bermuda 1 Light Orb

We’re not sure if it’s due to paranormal activity, extraterrestrials, or good old-fashioned exaggeration, but the Bermuda Triangle is shrouded in mystery. Our Bermuda invites you to get lost in its complementary finishes and triangle patterns. Some triangles are hammered and some are flat, but they all create hypnotic shadows to set your thoughts adrift.




Varaluz Grid End Table



Varaluz Grid End Table

A tapestry of dimensional metalwork forms the foundation of a tabletop in faux zebrawood or white or black marble. Choose a metal finish in rustic bronze or gold. Get ready for the compliments to pour in!



Social Club bath light



Varaluz Social Club Light

There’s a reason you can use the word “dance” to describe the movement of life. Social Club always brings the party with a sense of glamour rooted in classic Hollywood style. It’s Art Deco with its collar loosened – dressed to impress in crystals with a Havana gold finish and custom chain.





Elephant Mandala PillowVaraluz Elephant Square Throw Pillow

Brighten up your room not with lights, but with this delightfully colorful throw pillow featuring a stylized eleplant motif! Swirls of geometric flowers and designs gracefully combine within the eleplant silhouette, giving you a gorgeously modern splash of color to add wherever you please!




Antique Gold Chandelier




Varaluz 8 Light Antiqued Gold Leaf Chandelier

The 70s were about much more than "Stayin' Alive"; they also had a decidedly glamorous side. To that, Halcyon speaks volumes. Steel and acrylic bars pair with elegant finishes to suggest a return back to more idyllic times. Won't you flashback with us?




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